British cats Jewel Sapphire

Jewel Sapphire nursery of British cats welcomes all our guests. My name is Nadezhda. Thank you for your interest in my pets! The Nursery breeds British and Scottish shorthair cats of Show class and Breed class. The British cats have such a charm that we always want to take pictures of them. And that’s why a British shorthair cat has been chosen for "Whiskas" commercial. They look like a teddy bear from our childhood.   

Jewel Sapphire nursery of British cats, OWNER: Nadezhda Gerasimova A British cat is a peace-loving, inquisitive and intelligent creature and it is able to feel the mood of the owner and of the whole family. Sometimes the British cats show their temper, so we can understand that they send us healing energy or release the power. 

A British cat is very beautiful, and it will give you a deep aesthetic pleasure. And it provides you a good mood, a normal blood pressure and health.

It is also noticed that the British cats are excellent doctors. If you have lower back pain, the animal starts caressing to help you. The British cats are not lazy, their dignity does not allow them bustling. When they are alone, they still do their own magic. They are powerful wizards, they can cure diseases, and also can hold their own in any fight. That’s why they can speak everyone’s language. The British cats can find a way to exist even with bull terriers. Bringing a British cat into your home, you are bringing happiness and prosperity.

There are a lot of interesting books about the British cat. So let’s see briefly the main points. Let’s find out which was the origin of the British cat. The basis of the British shorthair cats is the native British cats. In the 80s of the XIX century, the breed was certified by Harrison Vir as "Short-haired". However, in the 60s of the XX the appearance of the breed changed because of selection in order to increase size and weight of the animals. They were later crossbred with Persian cats to improve the thickness of their coat. The structure and texture of coat has become more tender and "plush”. In 1984 the breed was certified as "British shorthair.

What do these cats look like? What are their breed standards? The British cat is a cat of medium to large size, solid build, and heavy bone structure. Males are much larger and stronger than females. The body is of medium length, rounded, equally broad in the shoulders and rump. The legs are short, thick and powerful. The tail is of medium length, thick at the base, tapering to a rounded point. The head is large, roundish. The muzzle is medium and broad. The chin is powerful. The ears are of medium size, short, with rounded points. The eyes are rounded, large, and wide apart. The British cat coat is short and very dense.

Owner Nadezhda Gerasimova and Golan Lord Moto-Moto breed Brittish shorthair/BRI . Jewel Sapphire nursery of British cats

We choose our pet not for one year (the British cats live up to 20 years), and not only because of its appearance, but also because of its character. Thanks to good genetics, the legacy of the native cat, the British cats have excellent immunity and good health. These cats can live together with children and animals.

The British cats are not annoying, but they accept your affection gratefully and respond to it. They are quiet and friendly and they look like plush toys. They are cats with a good temper and it makes them simply perfect pets.